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Northstar Church, Pryor Oklahoma 

On February 26th, 2012 I was scheduled to play at Northstar Church located in Pryor, Oklahoma.  As usual, I arrived the night before and was scheduled to do sound check with the praise band.  The address that was given to me ended up being for the Pryor community center.  Come to find out, they set up their complete stage, lighting, backdrop, back line, and chairs every week while they are developing their new location they just purchased.  All the Sunday School rooms, down to the floor mats, are all packed…Read more

San Diego Trip 

Well I flew into San Diego on Sunday and will be here till Thursday morning.  I have had a great stay and have been treated real nice from the folks from CJFM ministries.  Dr. Gary Hedrick and his staff are a great group of people to work with and am very thankful they choose me to work their conference again.  Last year I worked with them in Branson at the Hilton Convention Center.   Dr. Gary first heard me playing in Branson at The Branson Landing approached me about playing music for there events.  I am…

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KWFC Talent Show 

I had a great time running sound for the first KWFC talent show in Springfield, Mo March, 3.  Heard a lot of great vocalist and amazing talents.  I also had the privilege of warming up the crowd before the evening concert.  It was a lot of fun pulling people up on stage to sing improve.  Even had a Santa Clause on stage and got him to sing "I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas".  Having a hyper active brain can be very dangerous.  I'm already looking forward to next years talent show.  To the winners and all…Read more

A New Year Brings New Dreams - Artist Development 

Just a day away from yet another new year and I'm thinking about all the new resolutions.  For several years I have not got into doing the whole resolution thing because they generally get broke.  I have been reading and studying on this theme of "Artist Development" and reading books like "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" by Bob Baker from St. Louis and listening to his pod cast.  This information is opening up a new chapter in my life and music.  I have always had this real shy and humble approach to…

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